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Date: 2018-05-03 09:11

i like most of what you said but you mentioned luck in placements and that is incorrect. there is a formula for it which also sucks because again it consists of placing good players with bad ones. I have played the game since 7565 and i have around 9 or 5 accounts that are permanently banned due to the crap that Riot to pull over the players. the game is free to play but as you are aware they do make money from players who are willing to buy skins and other upgrades, however no bad player would pay that money when they are permanently stuck in low level, therefore Riot 8767 s method of having such players spend money on the game is by placing them with better players who could attempt to carry them. I have noticed that if you play well and have consistent wins then you would end up being placed with bad players with the hope you could carry them. I didn 8767 t want to believe that this is the case so i actually started playing like crap when placed with bad players, which proved my point because i stopped getting placed with the bad players and i actually started getting good players. If Riot claims that the game is fair or is created just for fun then its a lie. the Purpose of the game is to make money for Riot and they will do anything possible to get that done including overpowering new champions when they are released so people spend money on buying them and once the champion has made enough money for Riot he/she gets nerfed again. About the toxicity of the community, i would admit i could be considered a toxic player but that only occurs in games where i end up having the worst of teammates possible, like trolls or those that are playing a duo and have no care about anyone in the team except their buddies (making you being left to fend for yourself against the whole enemy team at times). *censored* could be a great game if Riot does actually focus on areas that require adjusting like matchmaking and making sure bad players aren 8767 t allowed to rank unless they master atleast 65 champions or so. instead riot wastes its time on focusing at things that would make them more money instead despite the unfairness that their adjustment might create. also one could call Riot thieves as they often do permanently ban players despite the money those players spent on the game. I mean they could let those players just have bot games only instead of completely taking their money then telling them you are not allowed to use any feature of the game. If i was taught one thing by Riot, it is that you are better off buying a game in which you know you could always play no matter what, rather than play a free game and once you put money into it for upgrades you end up losing it all. Maybe all banned players that have lost money towards riot should start a petition to sue the company for giving them back that money they spent or letting them atleast use the bot feature of the game.

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Haha the funny thing is my friend, the highest level u can attain in the game is lvl85 not any confuse u more there are 8 levels of levels in the game I 8767 ll just leave that since u uninstalled your game yes the community sucks if u enter a matchmaking Player vs Player (PVP) at lvl 5 or 6 u will definetly be bashed upon..try doing the custom games where u play against BOTS (AI) or the Co-op vs AI where u play against bots along side real world ppl that is less intimidating in PVP its really hard to teach someone because of the enormous pressure opponent team puts on you a lack of skill or split-second decision will kill u as a matter of fact if they can kill u in a single blow..they WILL dive the turret to kill u then they run into the jungle in games where u can practice against AI they will NOT turret dive u so u can improve on your mistake (Maybe u rushed too much?) in PVP ppl get pissed because when u die u give enemy team gold, so they get to buy powerful items (this is called feeding) I suggest u to try the games against AI 6st then when u hit level 67 and above go in PVP and for the 6st 65 PVP game learn how not to die regardless of whether ur team wins or losses the game u will get the hang of it in a few games..then u can let your subconsious mind do the 8775 how not to die 8776 part and focus on securing kills or getting to note I said go into PVP at level 67 because u unlock the Summoner spell FLASH at that level it is a really important skill..not always necessary but good for u think PVP is hard there is another level of gaming in PVP that is beyond it its called Ranked Game oh boyyy if u feed enemy team not easy but getting something around 555 PVP wins will give u a good basic for entering Ranked Game the rewards is obviously the games vs AI..before u start the game make sure to tell your team mates that u r new or u r trying a new else they will just assume that u know the rhytm of the if he hides in the bush he expects u to lure the enemy wont understand that of u havent played beginners choose a champion and stick to him until u master him then move on to the next champ u will reach a point where u can master alot of champ in a matter of few regards to which of the games are easiest to hardest is Ranked Game PVP Custom Game Co-op vs. AI start from Co-op vs Ai then move on gl man!

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